Times Square

Times Square

The concept of this project is to tell a story about Times Square in general and One Times Square in particular. The storyline is divided into 3 main scenes: A 360 view of Times Square, a virtual environment of the place with One Times Square being highlighted and lastly, the building One Times Square with different facades thoughout the history being peeled off.

In the first scene, I want to capture the busy urban environment, characterized by crowds of people and traffic. The scene is constructed from a sphere with a camera placed at the center. A video texture is implemented onto the sphere.

In the second scene, the narrator/ player is transported to a virtual space made of 3D elements. The building One Times Square is highlighted with particles, implying the ever-changing geometries of the building over time.

As the player approaches the building, a trigger takes him/her to the third scene, in which various stages of One Times Square are peeled off and float in space, observed by the player. A description is attached to the UI to explain briefly the history of the building.

One of the biggest challenges encountered was how to retain the resolution of the video. I tried to import the video in 2 resolutions: 1920x1080 and 3840x1920. However, there were odd blackholes at the top and bottom of the sphere if 3840x1920 was used. 1920x1080 got rid of the problem, but the issue of low resolution remains.

I also had some problems with the last scene in which the imported models from Rhinoceros 5 were missing parts. I tried both obj. and fbx. formats, but the problem persists.

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