Elevator Pitch: PSA Series

I think that if I further expand upon the PSA theme used in my other assignment, I can make some very impactful content. I could use both 360 video and Unity (like Nonni De La Pena) and it can be about everyday personal issues or climate change type things.  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0BfeuHAmmIZWkZUOFBVX2dEUVk/view

Unity Assignment: Teddy Square

This is a Teddy planet, they live in a community.  In the Jeep, is the the Teddy Policeman, who's in charge of the security of the community. Two bears are talking at the center of the square, talking about the weather. There is another bear sitting on the bench reading a book and enjoying the moonlight and peaceful atmosphere. Where I created the scene with unity, I occurred some problems. It took me three times to render the scene, something lost when I rendered it. As a result, I have...