Assignment 5: Interactive Playmaker Scene Audrey Lee

For Assignment 5 I went back to the Unity scene I had previously made and decided to build on the characters I had developed. I initially faced obstacles with setting up my trigger objects and the objects that would be moving, however I got back on track and was able to organize the events so they actually worked. My scene depicts two tigers which, once the FPC approaches a cube (the trigger), make their way to the water well and back to another tiger after the trigger is approached multiple...

Assignment 5 – Kanda Fang

For my project, I tried to transport the first person controller(player) via a cart by triggering and using playmaker to move both the fpc and the cart.  And I really wanted to design an interactive scene/plot inside a wooden cabin rather than outside. However after I finished Unity popped up a window saying there are complier errors existing in the scene and I couldn't enter playmode to record. So I tried a second time this morning trying to figure what the problem is and I think it has something to do...

Assignment 5_Butterfly

First I want to say sorry that I hand in this assignment late. However, I really have too many problems with Unity this time. I was going to make a large village with fancy houses, markets, and farm fields, however, I lost everything when I tried to delete one of the "C# errors". Unity was forced to quit and I was not able to reopen my file. I still don't get what happened now but I really want to tell any of you guys reading this article that, NEVER EVER...

Nadia Persaud Assignment #5

Video link For this project, I created a fantasy world with a dragon and a troll. I decided to make the dragon move from one mushroom to the next, and I had the troll do the same thing. I used the same trigger to move both the troll and the dragon. For some reason, the troll would move off to the far right even though I selected it to only move between spots 1 and 2. I has a fantasy background sound going, but I included a dragon shrieking sound...

Assignment 5-Anqi Yuan

Anqi Yuan I used Playmaker to trigger an animation of the dragon. The first dragon will attack and howl when you move closer to it. The treasure box is the only trigger to control the second dragon and the box itself. The box will open and the dragon will fly toward the box at the same time.

Teleporting Tiger Chase- Assignment 5

This was a tough project to make because I really still don't understand conceptually how playmaker works. I still enjoy making scene and making them more and more detailed but I will definitely need more practice and understanding before i can safely say I am comfortable in Playmaker. I want to learn how to make the item follow you and chase you around. Ideally that is what I would have wanted to happen in this video but instead we chase the tiger!  

Assignment 5-Baiyu

I can't find any proper asset with animations for my last project "star explosion", so I started a new one. I set the treasure box as the only trigger to control three objects and set the sound for the treasure box. But I don't know why the sound is so low that I can hardly hear it, even though I set the sound to volume 1. And I don't know why the movements of my skeletons are not consistent. Hope to figure out all in the next class.