Class FTP

Some assignments will require you to upload files to a web server using something called FTP (File Transfer Protocol). We will be using the Cyberduck app on the classroom Macs for FTP. Use this login information:

  • Host:
  • Port: 21
  • User: vrstorytelling
  • Password: (to be given in class or in person)

The full path to files you upload will be followed by folders and files you upload. (Don’t worry if this baffles you now – it will all make sense later).

Whenever you upload files for an assignment, start by going into the folder with the assignment number (like “assignment5″). Then create a folder in there with your name and date (like “pachecohome03182015“) and put your files in it (like “pachecohome.html“). In this example, your files can be referenced in the HTML of a blog post via this URL:

When you log into the class FTP the first time, try drilling down to the folders in the URL above to see how everything is organized. Then copy that URL into a browser and you will see that the browser shows a 3D scan of the home of your lovely professor.

Please make sure that you always have your own copy of your files before you uplaod them, just in case they get deleted or changed. And be very careful not to delete or change someone else’s files on the FTP site.