Korovayny Independent Study

Korovayny Independent Study

I learned a lot during this course, partly in class, and partly - by myself. I'd  like to share the most interesting parts of my independent study in this blog post.

Most of my learning moments were connected to my final assignment, where I tried to combine Unity, PlayMaker and 360 videos. I watched 8 or 10 videos for it, and here are the most useful.

  1. How to play Stereoscopic 3D 360 Video in VR with Unity3D

To make the long story short, for making your video playing in Unity, you need to install Unity 2017, where the Video Player is a defaulted feature. There are also scripts ready to be used: https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/SkyboxPanoramicShader

The idea is to make a texture and a material, link them with the 360 video and use them as a skybox. Thus, your video will become a sphere in the scene. Then I put the first-person character into video and was able to look around and experience it as a regular 360 movie.

2. Load Levels Unity and Playmaker

The second lesson which helped me a lot was how to move between scenes in Unity. For it, you have to create at least two different scenes inside the same Unity project. Then you should include them both in Project - Build menu (just drag them.) And then you create two states: Idle and Load Level. Using "Key Down" or "Key UP' (or any other) action you go from the Idle state to the Load Level state. The "Load level: action should be put under the Load Level State. And the last detail - you should just drag the scene you need to the Load Level action toolbar.

TIP: you can move to any level out of what you have. For example, I hade 7 videos and was able to switch between them using different keys on my keyboard.

Obviously, during this semester I've looked through dozens of videos (especially learning Unity and Playmaker). But those I've described allow you to combine Unity and many videos at the same project, which is cool. Good luck!


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