VR Storytelling Hall of Fame

In every class, some student work just rises above the rest. Here we highlight the best final projects from each semester. Students focused on two areas: 360 videos for Google Cardboard, and computer-generated scenes for Oculus and the HTC Vive.

Computer Generated Scenes Created in Unity

The following projects were created for Oculus or HTC Vive in Unity 5.

Lewis & Clark Band Interview

Josh Daghir used Unity, Mixamo and a lip-syncing plugin to create a computer-generated rendition of the student band Lewis & Clark. As part of this, he also recreated the iconic sound studio at the top of the Newhouse 2 building.


Inside Space History by Sawyer Rosenstein

Become a part of some of humanity's greatest achievements in space exploration and go "Inside Space History". Ever since the launch of Sputnik in 1957, humans have been aiming for the stars. Only a little over 500 people have ever been in to space. Now, you get the chance to be one of them. Get a chance to walk on the moon, watch a space shuttle launch from the press site, and use your jetpack to float around the International Space Station during a spacewalk, plus go up close with the parts and pieces that made it all happen in a 3D, virtual environment.


Desert Deployment by David Jones

Designed to give the feeling of being deployed in a hostile desert environment, Desert Deployment isn’t designed to wade into the complex morals of recent foreign diplomacy but give a soldier eye view of the different situations and environments that they might encounter. From life on base, to unpredictable patrols and interactions with local civilians, Desert Deployment will provide a taste of what a soldiers life is like.

Escape, by Trevor Bulger

Converting the city skyline into massive ships, humanity is fleeing Earth as earthquakes and other natural disasters have become more and more common. Find your way to the ship you've been assigned or you'll be left behind on our dying planet.


360 Videos:

You can view these videos in stereoscopic view from a Google Cardboard viewer in either the Littlstar app (iPhone or Android), or the YouTube app (Android only). You can also see 360s in progress as class assignments.

Breaking Barriers

A 360 video by Kristen Powers and Andrew Polino. Spend a day in the life with "Pat," an underemployed man in Syracuse who makes ends meet by asking for help on the side of the road.

Mobile VR: View in LittlStar (iPhone or Android) |View in YouTube (Android only)

Pratts Falls, Part 1

A 360 of Pratts Falls State Park from Newhouse senior Paul Sarconi. This video utilizes some interesting camera angles, including one that required him to balance the 360 rig on a log in the middle of a river.

Mobile VR: View in LittlStar (iOS and Android) | View in YouTube (Android Only)

Pratts Falls, Part 2

A second 360 of Pratts Falls State Park by Paul Sarconi.

Mobile VR:  View in Littlstar (coming soon) | View in YouTube (Android Only)

Back stage at a local student TV station:

What's it feel like to be on the set of a live TV broadcast? This 360 by several students explores that.

Mobile VR: View in Littlstar (iOS and Android) | View in YouTube (Android Only)

A Virtual Tour of Syracuse University

Prospective students can feel what it's like to be a student at Syracuse University in this 360 created by several VRStorytelling students.

Mobile VR: Coming soon