Assignment 2: 360 Video Pitch

Assignment 2: 360 Video Pitch


I have recently started to cook and having somebody next to me guide me through the process made me feel really comfortable. I think that through this project others would be able to get a similar experience. I think that this would make people more comfortable because they are able to look at everything the person is doing in full detail. If you are not interested in learning how to cook then I don't think that this is something that you would watch.


I was thinking of filming somebody cooking a simple recipe. The focus of this video would be a friendly host who is happy to help all those who want to learn how to cook. The cook is trying to help us learn a simple and healthy recipe that can be prepared quickly. I was inspired by the shape of my friend's kitchen since the counters surrounds the person who is cooking. I thought that this would be a good use of 360 because the viewer would have a person to follow through the experience. Having people look at what the cook is doing is a really easy guide for the viewer.


It would be in a my friends kitchen because the kitchen counters woul d

The camera would be placed at the height of 5'5 because it would be between the height of the counter and the host since they would be able to view both the food and the host's face. There would be no camera movement.



Indoor lighting



At the height of between the food and the host. They should be standing and trying to learn from what the host is doing in the kitchen.


The camera couldn't see at the other side of the of the counter so I would crouch below one. It will also be in an in a close location so no one will steal the camera.

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