Assignment 02 -VR Pitch

Assignment 02 -VR Pitch

By Ronojoy Sinha


I had quite a few ideas for this assignment but most of them didn't seem exciting enough; apart from the one i’ll be sharing with you right now. My idea is to create a video in which the viewer gets to experience what it feels like to be in the body of the opposite sex and see how they’re being perceived in the world around them.

I’m no expert but through this video we can at least try to figure out why some situations tend to pan out the way they do, for instance, women are often subjected to catcalling\unsolicited remarks or other nasty behaviour on the streets. Of course this is not the case everywhere and such behaviour is not tolerated but then there are places where these things do happen.

On the other hand, being a woman has its own perks, which a guy will never know(she says).

As far as the man’s POV is concerned, that can be figured out if this story gets selected for production.


It can be done pretty much anywhere but i’d prefer a large open space with subject(s) close to the camera. There will be  some movement near the camera, within the 3-5 ft radius. The camera will be at an average human height of 5’4 - 5’10 and it can be done at both sitting & ground level.


It can be done at both day and night.


Ambient audio will be recored from the scene and voice over will also be done to add context.


The experience can either be non fiction or fiction but i’m gearing more towards fiction since that will offer me a larger creative licence to try things out.


In one of the scenarios, the viewer will be playing the role of a woman.While in the other, it’ll be playing the role of a man. The experience will be standing/sitting or both. The viewer will be doing basic everyday things, like getting coffee from Starbuck or going out to get groceries. Since we’ll be doing this assignment as a group, we can try to put ourselves in the scene by being a part of the crowd and blend in.

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