Assignment 2

Assignment 2

One person hides in a small room from the zombies trying to break into the room. Then main character has not much movement. The zombies (3 or 4) try to break the window and woods but they can’t so they leave. The man thinks they are gone but actually they move to the back side of the room. Zombies break the door and move to the man quickly.

Camera at sitting level because the man squares down.

Lighting:  Indoor and dim light

Audio: There is no sound after zombies leave so the man doesn’t know there they go. Then there will be footsteps approaching from the back.


This idea came from the movie “Annabel” I watched last week. There was a scene that I think will be great in VR : the girl in the wheelchair was moved by a zombie quickly to a cabin with barely light. Then what happened was what I described above. All the views were shot from the girl’s view so as an audience I felt like I was really in that scene.

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