360 Video Pitch: Audrey Lee

360 Video Pitch: Audrey Lee

Idea: Experiencing the Daily Orange newspaper house in 360 degree video


Location: 744 Ostrom Ave, Syracuse University area



  • A small room
  • Subjects both close and far away from the camera
  • Movement away from the camera
  • Camera at an average height



  • Indoor lighting



  • Ambient audio
  • Audio from D.O. staff



  • As a staff member at The Daily Orange, I want to give others the opportunity to know what it’s like working at such a fast-paced organization. This concept is compelling because a 360 degree video will give viewers the opportunity to experience the constant shuffle that occurs in a news house. Staff members in each different department are constantly moving around and working with one another to meet deadline, so it will be an interesting environment to observe, especially for anyone who has never been in a newsroom environment before. This is an experience that everyone should have because a majority of people read the news in some medium, whether it be digital or print, and so this experience will allow viewers to see the process it takes to get their news. I think this experience is pretty universal so no one should feel particularly out of place watching it, and the experience shouldn’t be affected by whatever time a viewer is watches it. Someone who has an issue with fast-paced environmnets may want to avoid this experience because staff at the Daily Orange is always moving and it can be a lot to handle at one time.

Story Discovery

  • The protagonist of my story could potentially be a lot of different people. I think it would be in the best interest of the story to maybe pick an editor to follow as they complete their tasks which involves them moving around a lot to make sure everything is in order (which will make for a more interesting story). What will move the story forward is the editor’s goals that he/she must accomplish in order to make the nightly deadline. The editor’s voice could be a good audiovisual cue to direct the viewer’s attention, and as they speak to other members on staff, the viewer will focus on them as the story’s protagonist. As I said before, this is an experience that everyone should have because so many people read the news through some sort of medium so this experience will allow viewers to see the hard work that goes into getting the news to the masses.

Where is my Head?

  • I think it would make the most sense to put someone standing in the middle of the room, this way, they can choose to look around as they please and aren’t limited to an obstructive corner. I would position the 360 rig in the middle of the DO’s visuals room, where several people from other departments often come to pick out their story photos or ask questions about visual ideas. It would be secure because there will be enough space for it to be left alone and bystanders to walk around it. I do not have to be in the scene but I could be featured in it.



  • This shoot location should be safe because there’s the option that some one can watch over the camera while filming. Also everyone inside the house is a DO staff member and it’s highly unlikely any one of them will steal the camera or be suspicious about it.

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