Grant and Alex Final Proj

Grant and Alex Final Proj

When we first conceptualized our final project, the focus was going to be a 360 video on the Refugee and Immigrant Self-Empowerment (RISE) center’s plans leading up to a big event called “refugee day”. Unfortunately, the date of the event was pushed back until June, so we could not continue with plan A. Plan B was to film 360 videos in RISE and use audio from Grant’s capstone to explain the work they do there. The footage at the refugee center did not end up telling the story we wanted to convey well and was very bland. This is when we thought up plan C. Plan C is our final product. I was inspired by Asa’s Carl Sagan video and decided to take 2D footage that I filmed this semester and turn it into a 360 experience. If we started over, I would have filmed and tested the footage as early as possible so that depending on the findings, could go back and redo a shoot or shoot something totally different. We felt a little bit of a time constriction based on the fact that we changed plans multiple times. We used the adobe forum for VR editing workflow which proved very helpful as this was our first time using Premiere to edit 2D videos into a 360 experience.

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