Independent Study: Unity Script Language

Independent Study: Unity Script Language

For my Independent study, I decided to learn something about the Unity Script Language.

During Unity studying experience, I encountered some problems that I solved with java script. I thought it was a pretty useful tool, so that I decided to learn something more. It actually also helped me to finish one of the assignments, which required us to embed sounds in when a particular action happened.

Coming from a TV & film background, I have dealt with art my whole life. I know that coding is a rather important technique to learn these days, but I've never thought I'd ever use  java or any other coding languages. It is out of my comfortable zone, but really interesting.

I took course on Unity 3D: 3.5 Essential Training: Introducing Unity Scripting. and tutorial on YouTube It is actually very helpful. I followed the tutorial and made two specific sound using java when entering and exiting the box. What I found difficult is the version of Monodevelop in our lab is not the same with those in the tutorials. It was very confusing in the beginning, but really interesting after you figured all of that out.

I am glad I explored something I have never tired before and actually used it to add to my assignments. I will definitely explore more in the future, for I believe it is going to help me a lot!

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