5:15-5:25: Housekeeping

5:25-5:45: Photogrammetry Assignment 8

  • A couple examples
  • What did you learn?
  • Did anyone try viewing in cardboard? If not, try it now.
  • Who else is still working on the assignment? If that's you, I have alternatives you can work on today.

5:45-6:15: Professional photogrammetry projects

  • Try these today please.
  • MasterWorks VR, on Oculus GearVR and Oculus.
    • From CYARK. They used Dronedeploy and Lidar sensors.
  • Realities.io, on the Backpack Vive VR system.

6:15-6:45: Ryan Kehr Rachel Roth: Presentations

  • Ryan Kehr
  • Rachel Roth


  • Please try out these apps that use photogrammetry:
    • Realities.io (Vive, backpack system)
    • Masterworks (Oculus)
  • Jason Mussman from 5th Medium will talk about the group, and his experience with a final project last year.
  • Work time for your final project.
  • Experiment with loading content into the backpack system.