Assignment 7: Tania Joseph HBCUSE

Assignment 7: Tania Joseph HBCUSE

HBCUSE is a term created by students of color at Syracuse University. Similar to HBCU's also known as Historically Black Colleges and Universities, we too have created a niche and space that promotes self-expression. After students of color were not happy with the line-up for the music festival so they created their own. My idea to create a 360- video of HBCUSE stems from me wanting to highlight the experiences and culture of students of color on Syracuse University campus.

I am very passionate about diversity and during my four years at Syracuse have seen students of color make huge strides in getting their voices heard. This 360 video will be a piece that will shed light on a group often times overlooked and showcase the different identities that walk the campus of Syracuse. I also plan on incorporating National Pan-Hellenic Council  into the video and the strolls and steps of the Sororities and Fraternities that hold cultural significance to these organizations.

To view my presentation click the link "HBCUSE" below.



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