Unity Scene: ClockRift

Unity Scene: ClockRift

"Clockrift" is a title i thought of while deciding the storyline for this scene. A potential storyline for the scene I created could be as follows:

Maxwell was a man who was known mostly for who his ancestors were; his essence as a person was often neglected. One day, on his average path through his day in life, he noticed his watch needle had stopped moving. Before he knew it, he was no longer in his hometown working; all he could see were green pastures and a path. Dazed and confused by what had just happened, he decided to follow the path, but not along it... He felt that something was not right if he went through the path himself. Once he got to the end of the path, a house of medieval stature was present. At this point, Maxwell did not know what to think of all of this. So he approached the house slowly...

I encountered some problems when using a different FPC while deleting the one I had previously, which actually led me to be unable to walk trough my second terrain. I also encountered numerous problems wrapping the textures of the terrain, as the default view was quite tedious and crashed several of my scenes.


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