Unity Scene First Attempt – Greg Archer

Unity Scene First Attempt – Greg Archer

So here is my Unity scene. I created a location that included a beach, a river, a wooded area and some mountains. I added various trees and 3D grass as well as some water. There are also some assets that I down loaded from the asset store such as the tent, log fire, the fire itself, the smoke and the boat. To help enhance the scene I added a wind component and three sounds; footsteps, campfire noise and an ocean noise.

Some challenges I had on this other than the normal first time use of the software were:

  • 3D Sound – I was trying to get the sounds to only play when getting closer to the objects that they were coming from and to get louder as you approach however I was not able to figure this out before uploading.
  • Wind applying to everything – I was trying to get the wind to be more intense near the ocean and less intense toward the mountains but again I haven’t had enough time to play with the effect.
  • Water – I am still trying to figure out the best way to manipulate the water assets to get more than just a round pool of water and I also want to get waterfalls, which from what I have seen needs to be done using the particle systems.

A YouTube channel that I found that had some pretty good tutorials (and a lot of them) is called Wicked Cat Studios, in case anyone is looking for some.



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