Assignment 6: Isolated Town in Unity

Assignment 6: Isolated Town in Unity

This was my first effort to really create a scene in Unity that made sense. I began by creating my terrain, which I wanted to be hilly but not mountainous. This proved to be more difficult than I initially thought as I was creating the scene on my laptop with a track pad and I had some difficult shaping the raised terrain in to hills rather than pointy mountains.

The only other problem I ran into was when I attempted to animate a horse that I put into the scene. I was, after several efforts, able to get it to move its legs but is just running in place. I could not figure out how to get it to actually move across the terrain.

I found assets in the Asset Store to help me create this scene. I was able to find a "Medieval pack" which had rocks, hay, the house I used in the scene and a few others. I used the buildings from the "European city" asset pack to add old looking buildings to the scene.

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