As a Public Relations major, all of our projects this semester were very new to me. In addition to the subject of virtual reality being a new, the software we used was very foreign to me as well. This independent leaning project was really helpful for me as I prepared my final project. The last time I edited a video in software besides iMovie was freshman year for COM117 in FinalCut Pro, so taking on projects in AutoPano and Adobe Premiere Pro was complicated and confusing for me most of the time.

Since my final project was a 360 video that I edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, I decided that the best Lynda tutorial for me was the Adobe Premiere Pro: Super Basic Workflow. Although this tutorial is primarily for DSLR videos, I feel that it was still helpful. This tutorial went over everything from location scouting to necessary equipment to working with different types of lighting. I liked that it helped me to better understand the different sections of premiere's interface.

Even with this help, I still feel like I was missing most Premiere shortcuts. Luckily, YouTube was able to fill in other blanks for me as I prepared my final project. I referred to both YouTube tutorials and my peers that were in the Innovation Lab to figure out ways in which to add titles and transition through scenes, so thank you to all that were there to guide me through Premiere!

Lynda Tutorial // YouTube Tutorial