One of the great things about this class is that your professor is learning right along with you. I try as much as possible to stay two steps ahead, but with new developments and discoveries popping up by the week I find it more effective to simply share my recent finds with you just as I ask you to do with the rest of the class.

Here's the latest. This weekend I discovered the SteamVR Unity Toolkit plugin, which works alongside the officially-supported SteamVR plugin. It's a very straightforward way to set up any Unity project to work with the HTC Vive headset and controllers. A few key things that it lets you do are:

  • Teleport around your scene.
  • Use the Vive handsets to interact with objects in your scene.

You can find the plugin here:!/content/64131


The documentation is really good:

These YouTube walkthroughs of the examples show how powerful it is, while still being accessible to newbies who put in the time to understand how the components work together.

I suspect this plugin will work pretty well with Playmaker which we use for interactivity, but haven't tried that integration yet. I'm thinking we will add this plugin into the schedule after going through Playmaker, as a final step.