Matthew Mulcahy Final VR: VR Meditation

Matthew Mulcahy Final VR: VR Meditation

The story of my project was to look at a women who teaches yoga and the ability to bring it with you anywhere. For this video I set out to make a video that people could use whenever they find themselves stressed or anxious. I thought the story and lessons from this teacher could help anyone find relaxation for just a few minutes a day.

As I began working on this project I learned how carefully you need to plan out all of your events as well as the ability to work with talent that isn't used to VR video. In addition I learned a lot about relaxation and simple yoga positions that can help alleviate stress. I also learned about the ways VR can be used to help people while at the same time telling stories.

I did however experience a few issues as I worked on this project. For one my subject was not the easiest to get on camera so I needed to make sure she was comfortable with being on camera and still being the most help to the video. After we worked out a routine and shot the video I learned the other difficult part about 360 where you cant check the video until after. Once I was done looking at the recording I found that the audio was not usable because of all the echos in the room. So I needed to try and meet with her again. However when I talked to her she was busy with finals and wouldn't be able to do another lesson but could do an interview. Unfortunately with the limited time my subject had there wasn't a lot of time for me to go over everything i needed so I feel that my audio is lacking and there are parts missing but that was simply due to the unfortunate series of events.

Overall though I am pretty happy with this work because if nothing else the video does show clearly each pose that you should make when following alone. And by having different levels of people being shot it makes it that much easier for people doing this for the first time or doing this regularly.

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