Independent Study -Creating Stereoscopic 3D videos

Independent Study -Creating Stereoscopic 3D videos


Here is the link to the tutorial - Creating Stereoscopic 3D video

So this is my view of the tutorial- in the tutorial, Professor Mark Gray makes up his own rig with two Kodak 4K cameras. Originally a 360 camera, Prof. Gray turns one along with the other and records two 180 videos, thus creating a three dimensional video. This is something we touched upon during the skype session with Samantha Koenig- like NextVR is using 180 videos to stream NBA content. The other 180 being used to display match stats or other relevant data.  I personally think this is a useful thing to learn as it will allow me to create detailed VR ready videos unlike the ones we typically see on the keymissions and the samsungs.

Prof. Gray uses a software called PIXPRO STITCH to stitch the footage from the cameras. Using Final cut Pro, he uses multiple timelines to make versions of the video for each of our eyes and later realigns them.  After much cropping and aligning we end up creating a 3D image with parallax . He then finishes off the video by adding 3D titles and graphics in the video.

Overall i feel this was a fun thing to learn.

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