Final Project – Kanda

Final Project – Kanda

For the final project, Let Me In, I decided to team up with Alina and made a sequel of our group project: Let Me Out (

We used the Sennheiser Ambisonics Microphone to record the soundtrack for Let Me In. This wasn't what we originally planned to do but definitely was more challenging and rewarding. We both want to make something more than just shoot and put-them-together type of project so we went through a week of filming, recording and post-production.

We pictured one of the plots of the story should be the audience noticed the TV turned on automatically and started to play a security footage of the ghost from Let Me Out trying to get into some room. And that room is the one that the audience is currently in. We also wanted the record player to play music the entire time. We then realized we would need to prepare both of them before hand. That took us more time than we expected. It was really hard to stand on a chair and use an iPhone raised above my head to film a footage without shaky arms. Good news is we finished editing the security footage and "funny valentine" for the record player just in time.

The filming was the easiest part after several rehearsals. When we filmed the group project, even for the reshoot, we accidentally moved the camera a little bit every time we try to get the memory card out and see how it looks like on computer. We learnt from that, and for this time, we filmed everything with one take. With a relatively stationary scene and setting, we get to edit spooky effects in post.

We also dubbed all the sound after the filming. We finished editing the footage the day after filming and did Foley in the same apartment. The ambisonics recorder looks very hard to handle but was actually easy to use.

The editing was the most painful part because I never realized even within the same lab, the computers have different plug-ins and versions of the software. First, I spent five hours in the Newhouse 2 lab trying to sync up our audio with pictures and only to realize I was editing with 2 channels. So, I went to the 206 labs where we usually have class. The computer I was using worked. I had to go to a review session and after I got back someone else was using that computer. It took Alina and I about a hour to opened every computer in the labs just trying to find a computer that has the correct plugins and presets. We ended up editing horror footages in the middle of the night again.

We also spent some time trying to figure out the format that Youtube needs for spatial audio. We were editing in multitracks and right now Youtube only supports one track of 4-channel audio. After trials and errors we finally made it work. Youtube usually takes about an hour to enable full playback. We were really anxious to see the results.

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