Final – A brief tour of Syracuse (360 Video)

Final – A brief tour of Syracuse (360 Video)

-Ronojoy Sinha

Link - Syracuse 360 tour

My aim for this assignment was to make a 360 video highlighting the local hotspots in Syracuse. Hotspots would include museums, restaurants, parks, installations etc. I went to some of the places i know personally in downtown and made a quick video. The video starts off at Columbus Circle along with some facts about the circle like the history and nearby attractions.  Next, the video takes us to armory square- where it talks about how it was re-developed from an industrial zone to a happening recreational hotspot.  Then the video takes  us to the Museum of Science and Technology at Franklin while talking about the permanent exhibits at display there. Finally, the video ends with talking about some socio-economic issues and how Syracuse is still recovering as a city from economic instabilities.


Initially i planned to take some interviews with staff/official at the restaurants and the museum- but after scheduling issues, i put that thought aside and just focussed on taking the video.

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