Kyle Slyva Assignment 4: First Unity Experience

Kyle Slyva Assignment 4: First Unity Experience

This was only the second time I had worked with unity so I am definitely still a beginner, but I do find the interface a lot less challenging than I expected. I do have a bit of experience working with 3D software which might have helped by already being familiar with the these types of interfaces. Everything that I tried in this attempt went relatively smoothly. The tree and grass creator tool was very straightforward and definitely helped speed up the creation of a more realistic scene. The most difficult part was working with the audio and creating the 3D sound effect so that the ambient water sound would only play near the actual body of water.

One of the first things I thought of while walking through my scene was the video game Slenderman. The loosely populated forest as well as the distinct crunch noise from the footsteps were extremely similar to those in the game. If I were to expand upon this scene, I would create a more immersive landscape that made it seem like it was more of a hidden gem in the wilderness. I also want to start creating some interactivity like operating the boats, but I still need to learn a bit more about that part of the software.

The biggest challenge I had with this whole project was actually playing the game and getting a good quality video. I created this project on my macbook pro but it was not strong enough to run the game at a high framerate. My roommate recently built his own computer that is specifically made to run programs like Unity, but the issue was his was a PC. I went through a lot of trouble shooting and many google searches on how to open up a iOS unity file on a windows computer. I was able to work through this solution by selecting the build settings and switching the target platform from iOS to Windows (which was difficult since I had not initially downloaded the Unity plug-in to switch platforms).

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