Assignment 4: Create a scene in Unity-Anqi Yuan

Assignment 4: Create a scene in Unity-Anqi Yuan

Anqi Yuan

I planed to create a simple scene about small village in the forest in unity. I use different textures like rock and grass to make a terrain. I also add different trees on it to make the forest. It works well. At first, I try to add some grass on the ground, but it doesn’t look good. I think I need to work on it. Maybe try more grass texture. I added two wood houses and some farm objects like cart, firewood and boxes, and they all look good. I also added a music called forest and village on an object in the scene successfully. In addition, I have some trouble in putting animated objects into the scene and changing the direction of an object. I think I need to look more tutorials and practice more in order to created better scene.

Thought exercise:

I think I can set up stories about people in the small village in this scene. I can talk about what a typical day of people in small village. I think it’s very clear and easy for users to move through the scene, because the scene is really simple and easy to understand. They won’t get confused. I think they will go to the houses and look inside. I think I can add some object like chair and table in the house, and it may be more interesting. There are many different elements can help experiences understand the story, such as the sky and the environment. Different sky and environment and will lead experiencers understand the story in totally different way.

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