Assignment 4 – Kanda Fang

Assignment 4 – Kanda Fang

For this assignment, I was really trying to get familiar with Unity's interface and shortcuts etc. I’m learning Maya for another class at the same time and it was kind of confusing to switch between two different softwares. I find Maya easier to control in general. For example, in Unity I couldn't figure out how to successfully apply a texture to an object.

I imported the building and two trees into Unity from models I made in Maya. However I think the building's a little tilted. And for some reason the leaves are missing from the tree. The leaves are showing on the tree's avatar but not showing when I put them into my scene. Other than that I actually had a lot of problems with Unity.

I tried to add flowers and grasses to my terrain but they usual don't show up until my in the first person controller mode and be awfully close to the ground at the same time. So every time when I applied a layer of grasses to the terrain, I wouldn't be knowing where I'm actually applying the layer to or how does it look like on my terrain.

Another problem would be I wasn't able to record the sound while screen recording my work. I tried several times with and without earphones. I could hear the sound effects and ambient sound I put in there when I was recording but the video I exported was muted. I tried to download Unity on my own computer but after installation it's just keeping showing the grey box and wouldn't let me log in. And I couldn't even find a way to uninstall it.

If I successfully captured the sound effect, you could hear the Tardis landing sound the moment you enter the scene and the ambient sound of rainforest should be everywhere. (The Tardis was not properly textured. I have the texture file and applied the component but I don't know why it's not showing.) With birds tripping we walk pass two weird looking statues and we see the pink building. Then we turn around and find the two gigantic cat and tiger (of course the sound effects should be there). I would imagine this could be the adventure of the Doctor after he accidentally lands on a planet with huge animals and he's trying to find other "communicatable" beings.

Although my first attempt to use Unity was a little bit frustration but I had fun exploring another new software and hopefully I can understand it better and use it well for the rest of the semester.



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