Assignment 2: Ariel Wang

Assignment 2: Ariel Wang

For my 360 video, I am planning to bring the VR user into a painting class at the Shaffer Art Building. This would be inside a large painting studio, with multiple student painters working. If the permission is granted by the professor and the model, I would like to record the video on the day the students are painting a nude model. I would place the camera at different angles so the viewer can experience the different elements of a painting session.

Some angles will include:

  • The perspective of the nude model. The VR user will experience what it feels like to have a class of students carefully study you while painting.
  • The perspective of the student. We will see the model in the background while seeing the student's canvas in the foreground.
  • A close-up perspective of the student's hand moving from their palette to their canvas. This will give the VR user a closer look at how the student applies different colors and paint strokes to bring their painting to life.
  • A tall wide-angle perspective of the whole studio. This will be filmed up high, seeing the top of the student's heads and majority of their canvases as they work on their paintings.

All of these shots will be static to preserve the peaceful nature of a painting class. The lighting will be from the fluorescent light of the studio. It would be nighttime outside.

I will include some ambient yet engaging music in the background to match the tone of the videos. I am also thinking about including some minimalistic sound bytes of student quotes and maybe even the model's quotes. These quotes may describe what painting means to these people, how art contributes to their lives, etc. We will be able to differentiate these people from their voices and the context of their quotes. This will allow the user to be fully immersed in this artistic environment. I want the user to be creatively inspired after viewing this video.

The VR user in this experience will not be in anyone's shoes in particular, more like a floating consciousness that roam around this painting studio, taking tiny peeks of this peaceful art process.



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