Assignment: 360 video pitch

Assignment: 360 video pitch

Jack and I mutually agreed to shoot a choreographed ice hockey practice session with two or three players. We thought this was a good idea for a few reasons. Firstly, it will be a fun experience for those who are not accustomed to the game because it will transport viewers to an actual ice ring. Secondly, considering the essence of VR, this video will provide an immersive experience as it will require the viewer to follow the hockey players around the ring. This will keep the viewer occupied and he or she will not feel bored for the entirety of the video. Finally, the game itself has many aspects to it such as dribbling, passing, skating, shooting and penalty. This will add to the diversity of the video and enrich the viewer experience.

For our video, we plan to shoot all these aspects of the game individually and/or collectively. The movie will be shot in an ice hockey stadium, which is indoor. The lighting will also be artificial as we are shooting indoors. The placement of the camera will change from scene to scene, according to the requirement of the story. The story will begin with players entering the ice ring for practice. For this, the camera will be placed near the audience seats so that one can get a good introduction to the venue. The viewer can also see the ice ring as well the rest of the stadium. Then the camera will be placed in the middle of the ice ring. This will give the viewer a feeling that he or she is part of the training now. The camera will be placed at a normal human height so that one feels that they are standing and witnessing the whole practice session. The session will begin with players skating around the ring in a line to warm up. At this time the movements will be far away from the camera and the movements of the players will be rhythmic. The audio will be natural and shot separately on a Tascam. As the practice session progresses, the shots and camera placement will change. After warming up, players will start dribbling and passing the ball and the camera will be placed strategically so that there is a constant need for the viewer to follow the puck unconsciously. The nature of dribbling is intense and will keep the viewer engaged at all times. Players will perform a volley and try to shoot a goal by passing and dribbling. This is where Jack and/or I can be part of the video. We can play the role of a goalkeeper and practice with the other players. This will also help us to keep an eye on the camera and ensure safety. The session will end with a shootout where the striker will take a few penalty shots and the goalkeeper will defend. The camera can be placed either parallel to the setup or partially in between the striker and goalkeeper so that one has to turn their head back and forth to witness the penalty shootout.

The viewer will feel as if they are the coach of the team and are constantly viewing all activities of the practice while being detached from it. This is a good insight into a day in the life of the Syracuse hockey team. Viewers who like hockey or have never experienced the same will be excited to witness the session.

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