Assignment 4 – Ariel Wang

Assignment 4 – Ariel Wang



As a filmmaker who is obsessed with the idea of creating new worlds, I was incredibly excited to learn to use Unity bring my worlds to life. I was surprised how easy it is to start creating a scene, but that amazement quickly turned into frustration when I realized how technical and not user-friendly the interface is. I really like the idea of pre-made assets from the store, which makes it so much easier for beginners like me to learn the software.

One thing that took up a lot of time for me to grasp is the directional controls. Having dabbled in 3D modeling software before, I was aware that navigating through a 3 dimensional work area is difficult and needs incredibly specific controls. However, I didn't know the proper keyboard shortcuts to change the view and angles of my unity workspace. I kept zooming too far, zooming too close, rotating the wrong way, and taking too long to adjust my assets onto the plane. I think with practice, I will have a better grasp at all that.

I created a camp ground site for this project. Through the asset store I learned that this cartoon-style of 3D modeling is called "low poly." The bright colors and object proportions I chose for my scene reflects my style of creating surreal worlds.

I wish to learn more about how to adjust the texture, color, and interactivity of these pre-made assets in order to tweak them to my specific liking. Other than that, I am excited to play with this software some more in this class.

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