5:15-5:25: Housekeeping

  • We now have an HP Sprout 3D scanner / workstation.
  • We also soon will have two backpack VR systems, one with a Vive and one with a Windows "Mixed Reality" VR headset.
  • HP is giving them to us for free through Educause to test things out. If you want to use these technologies, come up with a final project idea that can utilize them.
  • Industry news, finds...

5:25-5:50: Presentations

  • Samarth Sharma
  • Jack Clarendon

Assignment 4 examples

5:50-6:45: Playmaker

6:45-715: Now, you try

  • See if you can get a scene set up where one object triggers another object to move from one point to another, then move back.
  • You can refer to this step by step instruction sheet and video if you get lost.
  • Or go through the Hutong Games tutorials for Playmaker.
  • ADVANCED: Experiment with other actions and triggers, such as:
    • Audio Play
    • Trigger an animation
    • Make an object that you click move your player controller smoothly along a track

7:15-8: Assignment 5 work time