5:15-5:45: Housekeeping

  • Get a free Unity3D user ID here: https://unity3d.com/
  • Great work on team videos! I'm starting to watch them. You should, too (not just your own).
  • Common issues:
    • Lack of context (where am I?) and narrative structure (what's the story and how does it unfold?)
    • Crooked or skewed 2D text.
    • Occasional misdirected attention (facing away from the action).

5:45-6:15: Gaming Engines and Unity

6:15-6:45: How Unity works. Follow along!

Now you will create a scene in Unity3D. If you get lost you can follow along in these notes. Today, focus on doing the following:

  • Getting around the Unity environment
  • Making a simple scene
  • Creating a terrain and applying a texture
  • Using the Asset Store
  • Adding items from the Asset store to your scene
  • Adding 3D sounds to your scene
  • Moving through your scene using a First Person Controller
  • Exporting your scene for Mac or PC
  • Saving your project files to your portable hard drive
  • Loading your project and/or scene on an Innovation Lab PC

6:45-8: Work on Assignment 4

  • Assignment 4 is to create a Unity scene that you can move through. Note, you will need to use some of what you learn in the next class session to complete the assignment.
  • If anyone finishes today, download the Oculus Utilities for Unity and you can enter your creation in the Innovation Lab.