Viola FInal project

Viola FInal project

Our final project (I worked with Marissa Blanchard) went fairly smooth through shooting, but met several problems on the back end.

Our idea was to shoot a 360 video at a Syracuse Chiefs game, putting fans right by the dugout, in front row seats. Marissa really deserves the credit for reaching out and getting us access and permission to do this.

Our original plan was to shoot opening day, but after it got delayed due to a pari of rain outs, we had to settle for a different game.

However actually shooting at the game was quite easy. The camera's worked without a hitch, and we got some good, quality footage. Upon getting back to the lab to import it though, it turned out someone had installed some kind of GoPro automatic import software that actually messed us up, and our first attempt to stitch used the wrong video files, due to the import software.

Fortunately Professor Pacheco helped us figure out what went wrong and find our actual footage, which we proceeded to stitch together to use.

However that was not without it's problems either. Originally, we rendered the footage as Mp4 files, not as uncompressed files. We put those into Adobe premier, so as to edit the sound in one scene. That went fine, but upon uploading to youtube, our video had one very strange error.

As you can see, our video is more 350 degrees than 360. For some reason our nadir hole extends to part of the video, and as of this writing we have not been able to figure out why.

Marissa is still trying to work on fixing it, but I have had to travel to scenic New Jersey due to family reasons, so I decided to post now. We will continue working on it, and I will post an update if we can find a solution.

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