Unity Scene: Happy land

Unity Scene: Happy land


As a food lover, i wanted to create a land full of food and have snowman population to fill the land.

Initially i had the terrain floor in purple and rainbow pattern, but it was too much for the eyes, and when i tried to make the mountain, it looks too bizarre. I decided to keep the floor and mountains look natural, to balance out the crazy but cute big food around the land. Additionally, it took me a while before i get used to moving, rotating and resizing the object around because it is in 3 dimension. So, i ended up moving objects below the terrain instead of moving to sideways, which can be quite annoying before i get it to the right position i want. Furthermore, i was also having trouble of zooming in/out and move around the scene to put objects in different places, but it takes time to get used to it.

This scene could be for a fantasy story where food objects become big monuments with snowman as the workers who keep the land cool as they gives out cold temperature to keep the food from turning bad. As the user moves through the scene, they can see different kind of food monuments that are in the process of growing. The story summary is basically a place filled with food, is a place full of happiness.




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