Importing Issues With Gear360 Action Director

Importing Issues With Gear360 Action Director

While stitching my videos from the Gear 360 for my final I came across a recurring error. I found that some of my clips would not import into the library and the following error would pop up:

"An error occurred while opening this media file in the library. It may be because the file is broken, an unsupported format, protected video content, or for another reason..."

This error was especially weird because some of the files that could open were clips I shot just minutes after videos that had imported fine; they were from the same shoot. The videos had all the same camera settings and were coming from the same hard drives. I researched online to find a solution to this error but there was no help anywhere to be found. I looked though the Action Director help information and I still didn't find a solution.

I ended up trying the footage that didn't upload on a different computer and IT WORKED. I also tried to upload the footage that originally didn't work the next day to the same computer and it seemed to work. This means that there isn't actually something wrong with the file so I'm not sure why the error was coming up. The other thing that worked for a few clips was completely emptying the library (including the sample videos) and trying to just upload the one "broken" file by itself. This worked for one video but not the others. All in all I think the main solution to this glitch is to switch computers to try and stitch clips that didn't work because that was the only reliable way I found to fix it. I know this isn't a complicated trick but it might save you time trying to research what to do and switch files over hard drives with the hopes that it will work importing it from another location - it probably won't. Hope this can help someone out there!

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