Final Project the Mount Everest Project

Final Project the Mount Everest Project


This is the final prototype for the Mount Everest Project.

The objects there are interactive, the pins, signs, and several objects can be interacted which would show some information and insight about trekking Mount Everest.'

The problems that I have faced are trying to get the height map to work which isn't hard because of photoshop. The other problem is creating a miniature  Mount Everest, which I tried using Geo mapping on google but the size that I can capture is too small, so I decided to use Maya create the object from there. Using the height map strategy I was able to recreate a miniature version of Mount Everest, also putting in the Mount Everest texture I found in google as a bump map.

The other problems I still have a hard time to do, due to the amount of time that I have left I was unable to get them to work. One is that I don't know how to highlight objects when the play moused over the object. I tried doing different transitions in the same state but it completely destroys the other transition. The other problem is the voice over, after looking through the web I was unable to find a transition in playmaker that will stop the the voice overs when hitting the buttons again. These are the problems that I had faced that I've still wasn't been able to solve before the time I send in my project.

Since my computer is old, saving the file as Mp4 or windows takes a long time to load, and sometimes nearly destroyed my computer twice while trying to load up either the actual unity file or trying to build the file into a Mp4 format.

From the project I learned coding is definitely recommended for those trying to use unity, it might seem a no brainer for those using unity for games, but for those that think that unity is a way to bypass the coding part you are certainly wrong. There is so much that playmaker can actually do, and all the other assets that could skip the coding process, but in the end if you want to smooth project with a lot of characters and animations then its recommended that you learn basic C++.

There might be some updates in the future if I ever would go back to this project.

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