Final Project Virtual Tour – Jason Mussman

Final Project Virtual Tour – Jason Mussman

For my final project my partner, Luke Casino, and I created a virtual tour of Split Rock Quarry using Panotour Pro.  This software is made by Kolor, and is very useful for creating virtual tours and for mapping out 360 images.  The software allows you to place hotspots throughout your images and link them to different points, either video, audio or web based.  For this project we decided it would be best to utilize the Nikon KeyMission360 Camera.  Despite the reviews the KeyMission 360 camera is very useful.  Even though we were unable to get the app to work we recorded video files and then in post exported them as single frame images.

To start we went to Split Rock Quarry to scout the scene.  After discovering how massive the site is and the history behind it we decided the best course of action would be to use a drone to get an aerial view via drone.  We created a make shift gimbal and attached the KeyMission360 to the drone.  After 20 minutes of getting shots we unmounted the camera and went inside the Rock Crusher to explore and document.

The most difficult part of this project was learning how to use Panotour.  After learning the basics the software was actually quite simple to use.  I created the logic to connect all the picture together and allow the viewers to navigate through the site.  We then added audio to images, to give more history of the site.

The 360 photos, aerial images, audio tours and advanced automatic navigation made this project amazing.  We are very proud of the final project.  Please find the link below.



For my independent study I will create a screencast demoing how to use Panotour Pro.

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