Final Project – Greg Archer

Final Project – Greg Archer

ExploreTours - Adirondack Park: Episode 1

This is my final VR Storytelling project. The concept is a company or VR series that goes to different locations and does VR tours to show people things that they may not be able to get to or that they may be interested in visiting. This particular series is on the Adirondack Park. There would be multiple episodes of different locations in the park. This episode is of hiking trail leading to the summit of Bald Mountain. I decided to do this as a straight video and not use PanoTour however I would like to use PanoTour in the future to see how it works in this concept.
My final project changed after I began having a lot of issues with Unity and Playmaker. I had been working on this other project in addition to my original Unity project and decided I would focus on this one instead. Also, after speaking with some professionals in the VR industry I realized that there is certainly a need for people to shoot and work on post-production on content like this.
During this project I realized a lot of things. Pre-production is key obviously and like I was told by a VR professional, it makes more sense to "shoot for post" and eliminate unnecessary stitching and post. Also as I was working on this project I found that it is possible to mask and eliminate things from the VR video in Premiere Pro however I would need more time to work on this for this project because after I removed myself from the video, you could hear footsteps in the snow. So to eliminate this in the future some audio recording of the ambiance would be needed.


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