Final Project – Alina Li

Final Project – Alina Li


Kanda and I decided to make a sequel (Let Me In) of team project (Let Me Out)  and we focused on creating the spatial audio by using the Sennheiser Ambisonics Microphone.


Plot: The audience seating in the room noticed some objects in the room moved automatically and the security footage on TV showed the ghost from Let Me Out was trying to get in.  As the security footage ended, the ghost came in.

The filming was the easiest part. After filming the security footage and rehearsing the positions of objects, we only filmed the whole story once.

We did not use the Ambisonics microphone during filming. Instead, we recorded every sound separately and repeatedly and turned out to have more than 40 audio footage in total.   The microphone is actually easy to use as long as you set it up correctly and make sure the directions are right.

Editing was the hardest part. We spent hours finding a computer that  has the correct  plugins and presets to edit and making sure the audio was 4 channels in Premiere. We watched many videos on YouTube and experimented many ways to make sure the final audio in video could “move” as you turned your headset around. The format really drove us crazy. The process was kind of painful but the audio worked!

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