Final Project: Audrey Lee

Final Project: Audrey Lee

For my final project I knew that I really wanted to explore photogrammetry and somehow incorporate a journalism/reporting component to it. Initially I wanted to do the project surrounding sculpture and 3D art but after a series of unfortunate events, I decided to tell a story through footwear instead.

My final project showcases four different pairs of shoes, each with a different story to tell. I used Photogrammetry softwares Photoscan and Trnio to complete my models (read more about my struggles and triumphs in my independent learning post), and I exported them into Unity, using Playmaker to trigger audio from each shoe's owner with a fun story about why these specific shoes mean so much to them. Although there is something wrong with the audio in my actual unity file, this  dubbed video reflects what the experience is supposed to be like.

Photogrammetry presented many obstacles and challenges (more of which I detail in the independent learning post), but I really enjoyed learning the skill and I'm glad that I saw it through. Although my models definitely aren't perfect, I watched endless tutorials and I feel that each model came out slightly better than the last as I learned new techniques to employ when taking my photos. I ended up setting up a very minimalistic scene to display the shoes and in the center of the scene/room is actually also a 3D model I created of a VPA student's wooden sculpture (probably my best model).

Another thing that this project allowed me to do was to compare different photogrammetry programs. I used both Photoscan and Trnio and while both have their pros and cons, I would say you get what you pay for in each platform, meaning that since Photoscan does cost $134 more, it does put out higher quality models. One struggle that I had with my project was definitely lighting and more importantly, finding good lighting. It really does make or break your model and weird shadows will definitely have an effect on how your model turns out. I ended up having to reshoot a few times and the whole process is definitely strenuous. That being said, my biggest advice would probably be to make sure you know how to take the best photos before you start, because good photos=good models.

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