Final project

Final project

I decided to do a 360 video to show what would be like to eat with a bunch of friends in a Chinese restaurant, but since it's the end of the semester, I don't really able to gather 10 people for shooting even it's a eating scene. It's not feasible, so I changed my pitch to create a scene in Unity showing what would be look like during Chinese New Year festival. After I started my project, I constantly save project incase it crashes, but luckily everything was fine until the end. I used the tutorial for playmaker and google the tutorial online for making the text. Since I don't know where to find the pop-up script, I can only place the text in the place. However, the text stays on my frame but not in the position where I put it. It goes with my mouse moves or zoom in/out.

I used bunch of assets found online but apparently I still need more for my table to actually present the most similar Chinese New Year meal. I found it is helpful to delete/keep parts in one prefabs would not effect the project and you have even more assets to use. Later on, I add the OVR package into the project, and the project keep showing errors, but I cannot fix it. The project started to be weird, so I delete the whole file of OVR and put the first person controller back in to project, but the project still crashes when I hit the Play button.

I managed to export one version, but the exported file can't play as well. And I'm afraid the whole project would crash, so I decide not touch anything anymore. So I submitted all the files that I worked with and did a screen record video on the project that I have for now.


Here is the Youtube link for the screen record video :

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