360 video assignment: Newhouse school tour

360 video assignment: Newhouse school tour

It's that time of year where newly accepted students are eager to find out more about the new adventure they are about to begin. I remember when i got the acceptance email, first thing i did was to reread the whole email, and read the word "Congratulations" over and over before starting to research more in depth about the school. I used google map to walk around campus to see how the school looks like. This gave me the idea that i should do a 360 video of some of the Newhouse school's highlights that all students must know.

The problem i faced during this project is that I found it difficult to walk smoothly. As you can see in the video that it is shaky, especially if you look it through the google cardboard. Another problem is when i was shooting the video i was holding the camera right above my head, as i still wanted the angle to be as a person's height, i don't want it to be too high, so even with a big patch, you can still see a part of my head. In addition, with a big patch it also blocked out a lot of parts in the video as well.






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