3/1 Lecture Notes: Introduction to Unity3D

3/1 Lecture Notes: Introduction to Unity3D

5:15-5:25: Recap from last week

  • Assignment 5, your own individual 360 in the style of The Daily 360. Due next week.

5:25-5:45: Research presentation

  • Tanya Monthakarntivong: VR in healthcare

5:45-6:15: Unity: What can it let you do?

  • Immersive news projects, like Harvest of Change.
  • Most projects from Emblematic and anything walkaround in the Vive.
  • Export for Mac, PC, and other platforms like gaming systems. Even the web!
  • Let's look at that Harvest of Change project in Unity.

6:15-7: How Unity works. Follow along!

Now you will create a scene in Unity3D. If you get lost you can follow along in these notes. Today, focus on doing the following:

  • Getting around the Unity environment
  • Making a simple scene
  • Creating a terrain and applying a texture
  • Using the Asset Store
  • Adding items from the Asset store to your scene
  • Adding 3D sounds to your scene
  • Moving through your scene using a First Person Controller
  • Exporting your scene for Mac or PC
  • Saving your project files to your portable hard drive
  • Loading your project and/or scene on an Innovation Lab PC

7-8: Lab, work on Assignment 6.

  • Assignment 6 is to create a Unity scene that you can move through. Note, you will need to use some of what you learn in the next class session to complete the assignment. Due next Wednesday before class.

I'm the lead professor for the VR Storytelling class and the Chair of Journalism Innovation at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

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