Unity Final: Global Warming PSA

Unity Final: Global Warming PSA

For my final, I wanted to do both a 360 video and a Unity PSA. Unfortunately, the 360 video portion fell through because every file on my computer was deleted after I deleted all of my video files, but I was able to salvage and redo my Unity project.


For my Unity project, I started with just water, my FPS controller, and a boat. From there, I made a trigger that activates when you walk towards the wheel using playmaker. When you activate the trigger, audio begins to play, the icebergs begin to melt, and the boat begins to move. The issue that I had with this was that for some reason, the enter trigger function wasn't working. What I did to fix this was make the transition run with trigger exit, and make very thin triggers so the movement of the boat ran through the trigger. I later learned that the reason that the enter trigger function didn't work because I had assets set as rigidbodies which affects the trigger.


After the boat reaches the ice sheet, I set it to disappear with the "destroy object" function. On this ice sheet, I have an audio clip playing on the ice sheet and I edited polar bears using the paint 3d app on windows 10. I then have another ice sheet appear after the next audio clip ends. When you cross over onto the new ice sheet, new audio begins to play and the ice berg begins to move. When the quote is done, the penguins (also imported using paint 3d, although I didn't do anything to make them) disappear using the destroy object function, and a recycling bin, green car, and refrigerator appear due to the "create object function." These objects go hand in hand with the audio clip that will now play that talks about what you can do to help the environment.


Playmaker was confusing at first, but I eventually learned the program and actually had a lot of fun making the scene by the end.




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