Isabel Final Project

Isabel Final Project

Although I had to change my original plans, I'm very happy with the results.

After reviewing Wasim's piece about his favorite place I started thinking "What's my favorite place?" The answer is simple, the newsroom. I feel safe, productive and it's a place where I can be my self and pursue my passion for news.

Initially I wanted a narration and text in the video, but after exporting it I wasn't happy with the results (The text looked weird -personal preference) and the narration didn't work because users could move another location at any time (and after testing it with some friends) I decided to leave it out.

I placed the camera in different locations to provide a more realistic experience. This time, I applied what I learned from my previous experiences with 360 video and got great steady footage from realistic but yet interesting perspectives.

The real challenge was Panotour. the information available online is extremely limited and not very helpful. Wasim was nice enough to help with my project and finally figured out how to make it work.

The export part was certainly the most difficult one, I would absolutely recommend to do this early in the game so you can troubleshoot.

I think a panotour of some of the Newhouse facilities with the insta 360 will be incredibly interesting and great promo material for the university

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