Sarah Luo_Final Project: To be a giant or dwarf (Interactive Experience in Unity)

Sarah Luo_Final Project: To be a giant or dwarf (Interactive Experience in Unity)

◆The core concept of my final project:

I always believe VR can be used more than just an entertaining tool, so I hope my final project can be both funny and soul-touching. I would like to describe the project as my first attempt in testing the power of VR in philosophy and psychology. It is built upon a simple but profound philosophical idea:

When you believe you are a giant and master the power that other people may not have, you may overlook and ignore the most subtle, precious, and beautiful things around you.

I hope viewers can not only feel excited with the different views from macrocosm and microcosm's perspectives, but also attain a deeper thinking about their lives.

The overall project was built with Unity 5.5 and can be watched in Oculus.

◆The techniques used in the project:

  1. Basic building and designing of scenes (Assets, skybox, lights, winds, raining, FPC):  The forest you saw in the beginning and the mushroom glowing forest in the end.
  2. Text Mesh: used in the first daytime forest scene (Text Mesh seems has lower resolution than UI)
  3. Canvas Text (UI): used in the mushroom glowing forest (which will follow your headset movement)
  4. Playmaker and trigger particle system: I used an animation to trigger a particle system: raining.
  5. Merge multiple scenes into one project: The shadows, lights, and many detailed designing in the daytime forest is the result of overlapping multiple scenes that I downloaded from assert store to order to make a better effect.
  6. Jump from one scene to another using playmaker and trigger logic: It is the most, most, most difficult part that I met. I spend more than three hours on trying different trigger logics. I searched many websites and video instructions online, but most of the answers are about changing scenes in a game with coding and scripts. Three hours later, a magic happened. I didn't use any script or coding (I have no idea what's this). I successfully triggered a jump of scene by playmaker with load level and new trigger logic.

Combined with the basic scene building and playmaker techniques I learned from VR class, I studied GUI text, Canvas Text (UI), particle triggering, and load level by myself from YouTube and

◆What I want to share with future students:

If you are now reading this, I believe you will do a great job in this class.

Passion and curiosity are two most important things that VR exploration.

I really want to say that VR storytelling is my favorite class in my 4-year college and I'm lucky to meet Prof. Pacheco.  You'll never get bored in this class, but you may also stay up until 2:00am to do the project.

For me, I think Unity is a bigger platform to apply your creativity. However, everything needs time and practice.

Don't forget to save your files after any change!

◆Here is my final project!

I wish you could get a chance to watch this in Oculus. I'm welcome anyone who is also interested in Unity, VR, or AR to contact me via email Please plz give me more advice about this since I'm still new. Thanks!

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