Nadine Buschner Final Project Unity – The Visitors

Nadine Buschner Final Project Unity – The Visitors



Originally, I was going to be creating a 360 video of the climate march for my final project but my plans ended up falling through and I was unable to make it to the march. Instead of trying to find another story to do my 360 video on, I decided to create a Unity scene. I am a big lover of sci-fi movies, so I thought it would be cool if I created a sort of alien abduction/alien arrival scene. The scene starts of with the user is at a camp site where they appear to be sitting by the fire at night. In the sky you can see a space ship with a beam of light shooting down into the forest to show the aliens arrival. As the user approaches the ship, it ascends, and the aliens gather around what looks to be an aliens egg! I wanted the scene to have a creepy and eerie vibe so I decided to put in horror music for the background audio of the scene. I also included alien sounds as you approach the aliens to make it seem like they are trying to communicate. Finally the end of the scene shows symbols appear as you approach the aliens/egg which is supposed to say "Join us." in alien language.

I really enjoyed working on this project however, I did run into some problems. While trying to get the animations to work on my game objects I kept running into a problem where it would automatically trigger when you pressed play and the animation would go off without the first person controller hitting the box collider. I went through the tutorial online multiple times and still couldn't figure out the issue, but finally realized all of the trees had rigid bodies on them, causing any game object with a box collider that had a tree in its vicinity to automatically go off. I removed all the rigid bodies from the trees and finally the animations worked properly. Another issue I encountered was that I wanted the text at the end to appear out of nowhere rather than having it drop down. I couldn't find an animation that would do such a thing so I had to improvise, but it would have looked a lot better if it were to appear out of nowhere.

If I had more time to work on this scene, I would want to find aliens that actually interacted with the user, as the ones that came in the asset store for free either didn't have animations or weren't compatible with the version of Unity that I had.

Although I did run into several problems while creating this scene and it did take me a while to complete, I'm really happy that I decided to do a Unity scene. It was more challenging than creating a 360 video, but now I understand Unity better and am definitely able to create an interactive scene in the future.


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