Independent Learning – Young Woo Koh

Independent Learning – Young Woo Koh

The two primary tools that was useful to be throughout the semester was Adobe Premiere and Unity.

As it was first time for me to use those tools, I did face many challenges using them.  Other than the class lectures, I learned a lot from the websites of each program vendors.

For Unity, the Manual that was on the website helped me a lot.

Everything is categorized so that each topic is easy to be located, and it has detailed instructions with the screenshots of actual program.  Unity also supports the older versions of the program by having limited manual for the those versions.

For Adobe Premiere, Adobe has both the user guide and tutorials for educating users.  The uses are also able to select their level of education; Adobe has two levels of manuals: "beginner" and "advanced"

Especially the tutorial videos were recorded with the latest version of the software, so it minimized the confusion of dealing with different versions.

For my final project, which was recording 360 video, Gear 360 has its own program tool for editing the video, so it actually helped me a lot with saving time of editing video.

Gear 360 comes with this program for free (it only requires the serial number of Gear 360 camera) that lets the users easily edit the 360 video they recorded.  It has simple tools such as trimming the video, putting multiple videos together, adding transition effect, adding title, and adding background music.  It also comes with the tutorials that walks the user through the basic features of the program when the user first launches the program.

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