Independent Learning Lillion Hunt

Independent Learning Lillion Hunt

For my final project, I decided to capture a 360 VR video of a Women in Coding workshop. After looking at the video, I noticed how huge the tripod was holding the camera, and for some scenes I placed an external mic underneath the tripod to get better quality, so I didn't want people to see that in my video. I wanted to keep it as professional as possible.

I started searching up how to make a nadir, since I have never used one before. I watched the video below for guidance:

The video teaches you how to create one in Photoshop which was great, but I had a better idea of using their logo as a nadir. I did have to adjust the sizing in Photoshop which they suggested having a 1000x1000 PNG.

The awesome thing is the video links to their website where they already have pre-made nadir logos you can use for your 360 video.

They have many shapes to choose from like cubed, sphere or patched. The best one might be the patch because they make they shape perfect to cover a tripod, which I would have used if I didn't decide to go with their logo instead, which I'm sure they will appreciate a lot.

When placing the nadir in your video, it's supposed to stretch across the whole bottom part of your video. You must change the axis to lower the image down.

It completely flattens it out, which I was freaking out because it didn't look how I imagined it to be--circular. But once you actually view the video in 360, the shape goes from rectangular to circular.

It's super easy, and definitely helpful for any 360 video.

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