Final Project & Independent Learning

Final Project & Independent Learning

I've got two words for this process: Uphill battle.

I set out to make a little storyline of a character. I honestly didn't know where I was going with it, but I wanted to make some sort of story centering around one character with some sort of paranormal weird stuff going on.

What I realized was the most selling part of the video would be the sheer amount of space it covers; it is the most lonely thing ever to be the focus of one of these videos with nobody else next to you. I tried my best to convey loneliness through this project, because I felt that was the best emotion to base the video off of.

The hardest part of this for me was thinking in 360. I was thinking of every shot in 2D (I kept thinking of close-ups on eyes). There were so many instances where I would get frustrated with the position of the camera, and find myself positioning it five million times before settling to shoot...

And even after that-- perhaps most frustrating of all-- I couldn't see the video right after I shot! Because shooting is usually this process of elimination/learn-as-you-go type of thing, not being able to look at the footage gave me anxiety.

The editing process was difficult because the timing was difficult, and in one shot I had the thinnest blindspot-- and I couldn't really fix it.

My independent learning came in handy for this assignment. I mainly fooled with the audio. I liked the idea of distance, so I made it sort of sound like she was talking through a phone; that's something I learned to do by learning about the audio effect options. I also cooled the shots to make them more blue. I would say those were very subtle, but important parts in achieving what I wanted.

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