Unity Final Project-Anqi Yuan

Unity Final Project-Anqi Yuan

Anqi Yuan

For my final project, I planned to create an imagined future world which integrates eastern and western cultures in Unity at the beginning. However, the appropriate assets are really hard to find. Thus, I changed the idea to make a story about dreaming about the ancient China. My final project is called "Dream". The whole story is about the player falls into sleep and has a mystical dream. When the player is dreaming, he/she can walk around the ancient town in China. I hope people can experience ancient China and Chinese culture more through this Unity experience.

About this Unity project, I spent lots of time to learn how to use Unity to do more things. For example, I learned how to change scenes, create simple UI, and create loading scene. I found that we can make our Unity project more complex by using C script and JavaScript. In my final project, I used three different types to change the scene. The first one is using C# and UI button, and the second one is using loading bar. The third one is changing/moving scene on a trigger event. By using those, my project becomes more interactive. (More details in my independent learning post).

There are some difficulties during making. First, the environment setting is difficult. It’s important to have some sketches before making the scene in Unity. It’s also difficult to put small parts together to make the complete model. For example, I put the little red lamp one by one on the rope in order to make the Chinese traditional gate. Second, the character 3D models are hard to find. I need to upload the models I found into Mixamo in order to add animation. Third, I had some troubles in exporting my project to VR headset at home, because I don't have VR headset at home and I'm using Mac system. I think it’s better to using VR headset to test while making the Unity project.

After doing this project, I can use Unity more skillful, and I’m more interested in learning to use Unity. I think Unity is really complex and powerful, and there are more things we need to learn.

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