Assignment 8 – Greg Archer

Assignment 8 – Greg Archer

Assignment 8 did not seem to go that well for me. After having to roll back my version of Unity because to meet the playmaker version I had it seemed that it would not recognize animations on game objects that I placed in the scene. I was trying to mimic the chest opening like in the video tutorial but I would always get an error message stating that there was not animation on the object however the object did have animation and it would preview fine.

I was able to use playmaker to get some basic stuff like playing sound when entering a target area and also using the iTween action to move an object. However, I attempted to use an object from the asset store, the monster, and get it to follow me around. That did not work either. Originally I was trying to make the monster appear once you enter the camp but any time I would add those actions and then try and play the game the game would seem to run all the actions at once, freeze and then crash. So I moved the monster to another area and tried to get him to follow me but all he would do is mimic my actions like walking or jumping while standing in place.

Needless to say, I need to work on this scene more and try and figure out why these actions are not working because I am going to need some of them for my final project.



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